Capability Building Inc is a grass root organisation founded on the belief that every person has a right to be who they are and foster the strengths of each individual in a safe and supportive environment.

We are the governing body of EdSpace Education and Training Centre, a registered independent specialist school located in Benalla Victoria. Edspace provides individualised educational programs for students with entry age 11-18 who have medical or developmental disorders affecting their success in mainstream schooling. We are also an accredited Intermediary Organisation of the Ticket to Work program in our region.

Our Mission 

We exists to provide family centred support services in health, education and research for people with a disability and their families in rural Victoria.

Capability Building Inc was founded in 2007 by passionate family members of people who's everyday lives are affected by disabilities. Today, the organisation is still run by volunteering families who help affected families live a supported and substantial life.

Our Services 

We aim to source and facilitate delivery of educational programmes in specific areas of need. We develop and facilitate schooling appropriate for those with particular learning needs not provided by mainstream or special education schools. We also help source and facilitate provision of holiday and respite programmes tailored to individual and families in needs. 

Capability Building Inc (ABN 67 413 037 955) is a registered charitable organisation, with Deductible Gift Recipient and Public Benevolent Institution status with the Australian Tax Office.