About EdSpace IT Support

EdSpace I.T. Support is an I.T. shop developed by a group of our students who have a huge passion for I.T. They are a great, happy bunch of young people with development disabilities who have found a great deal of joy in spending their time helping other people with their I.T. issues - we all have them!

Support our cause

You can support our cause by donating below, calling us on 0409687165 or coming in to see us with your troubled IT device. Our skilled support group can help you out with any of the following services:

  • Setup computer systems, mobile phones and I.T. devices.
  • Photo manipulation and enhancement using Adobe Photoshop
  • Video editing/manipulation
  • Reformatting portable data storage
  • Email setup
  • Social media setup
  • Computer cleaning
  • Green Screen Photography
  • Computer Servicing and updating or upgrading if needed
  • Custom Built Computer

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