EdSpace Education and Training Centre provides individualised educational programs for students of entry age 11-18 with medical or developmental disorders affecting their success in mainstream schooling. We aim for our students to participate in their community, support their mental and physical health while teaching the formal academic subjects and developing their social skills. 

Our school is family controlled and runs on best practice, evidence based guidelines. Because of the complexity of our students, we use both health and educational input, with a multidisciplinary team and aim to support the whole family’s needs. We believe in focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. 

This approach is described as a wraparound, which began in America in the 1970’s, and has a great deal of research supporting it’s use in families with complex issues. How we succeed in achieving those aims is up to the judgement of the families involved, but it lies behind every thing that we try to do at the school.  

Wraparound Kids is an Australian developed structure for providing the multidisciplinary team meetings, and recording them on a secure internet site for access by important people in the student’s life. The software has been upgraded to support NDIS participants.

We use community facilities and our students visit the library, local shops, gym, pool and the ovals and the walking track. We know that physical education and mental health education are very important to our students, as are social skills and language teaching.

This is our School Structure

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