One of the many things we’re really proud of is our bike shop – Wheelie Awesome.

Our bikes provide us with a sense of freedom and independence and we’re passionate about keeping bikes out on the road and making cycling accessible to all.

Wheelie Awesome is a program dedicated to the training and development of young people with disabilities. Through their work in our bike shop, our students develop skills in both bike maintenance and retail and build on their social and personal skills in their everyday interactions with our customers. It’s part of our hands-on vocational training and gives our students a unique insight into the world of work.

Yesterday, I was so thrilled when two of our graduate students at EdSpace managed the bike repair shop for the day. They handled all sales and completely managed the shop. 

- Glenn Clarke, staff member at Wheelie Awesome

How we do it?

We take donations of old bikes and our students use their newly developed skills to breathe new life into them. We then sell them on to local people from our shop or donate them to indigenous communities in need.

Furthermore, we’re a shop with a social conscious open to all locals for bike repairs. We fix everything from faulty brakes and handlebars all the way through to the full assembly of brand-new bikes- you name it, we do it.

Our Wheelie workshop

We’re open to the public every day from 9am to 4pm for you to drop in your bike for repair.

Here’s a taster of what we offer:

New tube change $10 + Price of tube
New Tyre $10 + Price of tyre
General Service (Brakes, gears, lube, tyre pressure, oil chain) From: $25
Buckled Wheel From: $10
Replace Spokes $20 - $30
General Adjustments $20 - $30
Assemble New Bikes $30 - $60
Pedal Replacement - New $10 + Price of pedal
Pedal Replacement - 2nd hand $5 - $10
Seat Replacement - New $10 + Price of seat
Seat Replacement - 2nd hand $5 + Price of seat
Replace Cables $15 - $25
Replace Brake pads $10 + Price of pads
Accessories fittings $10 - $20 + Acc

Get in touch to get a quote for your bike repair and arrange a slot to drop off: 0498 001 670

Where to find us

How to support our work

Donate your old bikes

Got an old bike you don’t need and would be happy to donate?  We can take it off your hands. 

To arrange your free collection call us on 0498 001 670 or complete our online form.  

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Join the community

We have a thriving Facebook page which has a selection of the bikes we currently have on offer, so check out our bikes on Facebook

Make a donation

If you don’t have an old bike you can let us have, but would like to support our work, then please consider donating.  Our grass roots work in the community makes such a difference to young people’s lives and we rely on the generosity of people like you. 

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