My first experience of a multidisciplinary inclusive approach was 22 years ago in the rural South Australian town of Port Augusta. We were living in Laura, a very small rural community three hours north of Adelaide towards the Flinders ranges.

We saw a paediatrician in Port Augusta who suggested I went to an early childhood service housed beside a day care centre. I had to drive an hour and a half to get there and playschool songs are firmly implanted in my memory from those trips. It was very welcoming and they offered a shared space where speech therapy, physical therapy and paediatrician visits could take place together beside a day care centre that children could participate in at their comfort.

This was the first observation of many where I could observe very skilful motivational practice at work. Our major goal for my 15 month old at this point was to get him walking. He loved to watch whirring and spinning objects. The therapist managed to get to him to walk around the table to press the buttons on the machine to start the whirring and spinning.

Reward based motivation was very successful with my child and we have used it ever since.