About Wheelie Awesome

Wheelie Awesome is a program developed to support young people with disabilities in the workforce. We train them in retail and bike maintenance to help them develop personal and work related skills. 

Yesterday, I was so thrilled when two of our graduate students at EdSpace managed the bike repair shop for the day. They handled all sales and completely managed the shop. 

- Glenn Clarke, staff member at Wheelie Awesome

Our students fix up donated bikes and re-sell them in the shop or donate them to Indigenous communities. We are also open to the public so you can come in and get your bike fixed - we fix everything from tyres and handlebars to assembling new bikes for you. Please give us a call or come by the shop for the full price list.

Support our cause

You can support our service by submitting a donation below or by donating your used bike for our skilled young people to repair and re-sell. Give us a call or visit our Facebook page for a free bike pick up. Your donation is greatly appreciated. 

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