EdSpace takes a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and is fully committed to ensuring its strategies, policies and procedures and practices meet all Child safety Standards as specified in Ministerial Order 1359



This school aims to provide a dynamic learning culture that promotes integrity, innovation and the individual. We aim for and value:

  • A safe and supportive environment.
  • Integrity and honesty in our actions and relationships
  • Diversity in our curriculum, in each other, and in our community
  • Strong and open communication between our school and our homes, and between our teachers, our students and our families
  • A commitment to social justice and a passion to protect and improve our environment and our community.
  • EdSpace senior secondary Registration is providing Victorian Pathways Certificate in 2023.




The school is committed to offering a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

The school has some unique offerings including:

  • Small group sizes and high student to staff ratio.
  • Constant supervision and adult role modelling throughout the school da
  • Access to community services supporting students in daily living skills such as shopping, accessing the library, pool and gym.
  • A strong bike riding culture including a workplace environment called “Wheelie Awesome”.
  • We offer 4 Vocational Education and training Certificates when students turn 15 years in 2023.
  • Certificates are Certificate II in Creative Industries, Certificate I in Sport and Recreation and Certificate III in Hospitality and Certificate II in Agriculture auspices by GoTafe.
  • We offer School based Traineeships in Certificate II in Agriculture on a farm linked to the school and Certificate III Hospitality offered in our EdSpace café on site.
  • Benalla Dogs for Life is a dog grooming facility offering services to the Community. We have visiting therapy dogs that enables students to offer community programs in childcare and aged care facilities.
  • Wheelie Awesome is a School Enterprise providing School Based Traineeships in Sport and Recreation along with a community donation program.
  • EdSpace offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • EdSpace is striving to lead students into the world of STEM, educating staff and students to use the latest educational technology available to help them learn.
  • We want to improve our environment and teach students how to grow and eat healthy produce. EdSpace is a Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden School and follows this curriculum to engage students in natural growing cycles for food and healthy consumption of the foods they grow.
  • EdSpace is in the process of developing a farm based curriculum for all students based on the enjoyment students can have in working with animals and learning how to care for them and their role in our world.


Students who attend EdSpace have a range of developmental, learning and emotional disorders.

They have often experienced trauma, sometimes from previous schools or home environments. Their past learning has been patchy due to a broad range of issues and it takes time to establish trust and enable the student to adapt to a safe and secure environment to relax enough to be open to facilitated learning programs.

Our first goal can be for the student just to attend regularly. We build the curriculum based on student interests.

An individual, flexible curriculum planning process has been developed by the school which allows us to make decisions about the range of learning experiences offered to our students. The curriculum planning process ensures:

  • a mechanism for the continuous improvement process
  • a benchmark for quality that is based on student improvement.
  • A daily reporting process and weekly staff meetings exist to discuss student progress.
  • Staff develops a detailed understanding of where the student is at on a daily basis allowing us to be fluid in our responses in developing goals for student behaviour and learning.
  • consistency between the curriculum and other school plans
  • a guaranteed and viable curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and in 2023 we offer the senior secondary Victorian Pathways Certificate.


Our goal is to assist students to develop confidence in their learning in a holistic and realistic way by providing a broad range of experiences including workplace and community knowledge.





This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

This policy was last ratified by School Council in....    March 2023


All students enrolled, and any child visiting EdSpace Benalla, have a right to feel safe and be safe. EdSpace actively works to listen to and empower children. EdSpace has systems to protect children from abuse, will take allegations very seriously and will respond to them consistently in line with the organisation's policies and procedures. EdSpace is committed to promoting cultural safety of Aboriginal Children, cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and provide a safe environment for children with a disability.