Who Can Report?  Child         Student      Teacher    Parent     Volunteer

What to Report?

Report any child safety concerns, including:

- disclosure of abuse or harm

- allegation, suspicion or observation.

For more information, and details on how to identify whether a child is in need of protection, visit the https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/health/childprotection/Pages/default.aspx

For life-threatening concerns, call Police on 000


Who to and how?

EdSpace Principal Maggie Fanning at all times by direct contact or phone 0417664683 In the case of the EdSpace Principal cannot perform her duty the alternative contact is


Assistant Principal Teneille Smith by direct contact or phone on 0421604223For immediate concerns (after hours): call the Child Protection crisis line on 13 12 78 (24 hr, toll free in Vic.)


What happens next?

The Principal/Assistant Principal will:

- check that an external report has been made, as appropriate

  • offer referrals for support to the child and any others involved, as needed
  • provide clear information about responding to the allegation or disclosure
  • use appropriate supports if the child is Indigenous, of a culturally and linguistically diverse background, or has a disability
  • initiate internal processes to ensure the safety of the child and clarify the concern
  • Outcome
  • An external investigation may be undertaken and an outcome decided. All relevant people will be advised of the
  • EdSpace disciplinary processes may be taken against the relevant student or staff
  • Policies and procedures will be updated where